TruU Partner Program

Tested, verified passwordless interoperability

SailPoint, the leader in identity governance, brings the Power of Identity to customers around the world, enabling greater levels of security, operational efficiency and improved compliance. TruU and SailPoint have partnered to provide a zero trust security solution that combines strong, adaptive authentication with proactive identity governance. This enables organizations to empower their users with convenient, appropriate and secure access to the resources that they need to do their jobs. Visit

SailPoint users see these BENEFITS from integrating with TruU:

Integrated Onboarding

As SailPoint provisions digital IT systems for an employee or partner, TruU can be set up to kick off its passwordless enrollment of a workforce user with their smartphone or FIDO2 key.

Synchronized De-Provisioning

TruU will stop permitting access to digital IT or physical systems as part of SailPoint workflows that deactivate or de-provision an inactive employee or user.

Passwordless MFA Access

TruU can eliminate passwords for accessing SailPoint and provide configurable levels of security for access, including PIN or biometric.

Eliminate Badges and Lower Costs

Use the same platform for physical access as you do for IT resources, and enable safe, touchless workplaces for the post-pandemic reality.

How It Works

TruU and SailPoint have been tested and certified to interoperate for highly secure employee lifecycle access control. With our combined solution, organizations using SailPoint for identity governance can tie TruU’s onboarding and de-activation features into broader IGA workflows. This works through coordinated network directory actions (such as through Microsoft Active Directory), which serve as a conduit for TruU to trigger off of SailPoint IGA actions.

Passwordless MFA for SailPoint IdentityNow Logins
Also, passwordless access for SailPoint IdentityNow takes place via TruU’s integration through IdP/SSO solutions.

For more information regarding SailPoint and our partnership with SailPoint, please see SailPoint’s Partner Page.