TruU Partner Program

Tested, verified passwordless interoperability

Okta is the leading enterprise identity platform for single-sign on, password-based MFA and provisioning and workflows. TruU and Okta solutions have been tested and certified as interoperable for delivering highly secure and seamless authentication experiences throughout the enterprise. With our combined solution, end users can now enjoy a more secure passwordless all the time MFA experience with TruU when they access applications, and begin accessing their Windows and Mac endpoints without a password. TruU builds upon Okta SSO’s ease of use and convenience with seamless integration using the OIDC standards.

Enterprises using Okta can expect to see the following benefits from integrating TruU:

Passwordless MFA

TruU works with Okta to support application, VDI, VPN and even privilege user administration use cases. TruU represents one cohesive and unified solution for passwordless MFA.

Seamless App Support
(Web & Mobile)

Whether being accessed via a desktop or mobile device, end users will enjoy a highly integrated and seamless user experience.

Desktop MFA Gap Eliminated

TruU provides the most effortless MFA for elimination of the password to Windows, Macs and Linux endpoints/workstations. To learn more about our Effortless MFA, see here.

Integration in Minutes

TruU integrates easily through simple configuration steps in the Okta administrator’s portal.

How It Works

Once TruU is enabled in Okta environments, Okta uses an OIDC standards-based communication to delegate the authentication decision to TruU every time a user accesses the Okta portal or an application. With this delegation, TruU can utilize its advanced passwordless risk engine and signals for establishing high assurance identity. Okta administrators can configure the level of security desired relative to ease of access for resources being accessed (such as proximity, biometric or behavioral login). 

The TruU authentication decision does not require a real-time call to a user directory sitting on the network but rather uses a decentralized public key cryptography-based FIDO architecture to facilitate access. This means Okta organizations can begin the journey to full enterprise passwordless access and eliminate data breach risk from compromised credentials fully.

More information on our partnership can also be found on the Okta Catalog.