TruU Partner Program

Tested, verified passwordless interoperability

ForgeRock offers the most comprehensive identity platform to enable customers to create great digital experiences for their consumers, workforce and things. TruU integrates with the ForgeRock platform, allowing you to maximize your ForgeRock investment while moving forward with your passwordless initiatives. Simply deploy the TruU ForgeRock Adapter or enable a standards-based (OpenID Connect) to TruU to allow TruU to authenticate users to applications—no change to existing integrations required!

ForgeRock users see these benefits from integrating with TruU

Quick & Easy Integration

Integrate in ~30 minutes or less.

Flexible Configuration Options

Layer in TruU to secure existing login flows that require a password, while preserving Ping’s native passwordless capabilities (e.g. Kerberos authentication).

Multiple Integration Paths

Plugin or standards-based via OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Single Passwordless Solution

Provide passwordless capabilities for federated app login, workstation login, infrastructure login and physical access.

Improved User Experience

Consistent experience for users across workstation, application and infrastructure logins

Eliminate Badges and Lower Costs

Use the same platform for physical access as you do for IT resources, and enable safe, touchless workplaces for the post-pandemic reality.

How It Works

Administrators deploy the TruU ForgeRock Plugin on ForgeRock servers, or configure an OpenID Connect based integration with TruU, then configure TruU to authenticate users to federated applications. 

Users then login to a federated application (e.g. Salesforce) and are prompted to scan a QR code on their first login. After scanning the QR code with the TruU mobile app, the user is prompted for biometrics (faceID/TouchID) or their native device PIN for authentication. Subsequent logins send mobile push to users, where they provide biometrics for authentication.